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International Resource Journal: IBG Galvanised into Action


Australian explorer Ironbark Zinc anticipates that its globally significant zinc-lead project in Greenland will one day fill a growing gap in the market. Zinc is the world’s fourth most used metal globally…Click here to read the IRJ article in full.

The Pick: IBG at Home on the Fjords of Greenland


A positive feasibility study on its flagship Citronen Project in Greenland has positioned Australian company Ironbark Zinc to be a lead player amongst the next generation of global zinc miners…Click here to read The Pick article in full. Time to Take Stock


Quite when the long awaited change in fortune for those leveraged to zinc will occur can’t be known, but what is as near certain as certain can be is that the zinc price has to significantly improve if hte world still wants zinc…Click here to read the article in full.